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Gaiden the Ring: WWE Day of Reckoning - Part 3

2018-03-23 54:46 Features

Son of Berzerker has made it to the main roster, won his first PPV match, and joined "The New Ministry". What other wrestling adventures await our idiot hero?

Quick Question with Jeff Bakalar: Ep. 08 - God of War

2018-03-23 08:46 Features

Jeff and Dan take up all the time in the studio talking about God of War, which is OK because that game looks rad.

Quick Look: Sea of Thieves

2018-03-23 44:33 Quick Looks

Ahoy! We hit the high seas to see what type of loot and booty we can dig up!

Quick Look: Ni No Kuni II - Revenant Kingdom

2018-03-22 38:16 Quick Looks

That Higgledie just Whamstered me right in the Ding Dong Dell! Booty Boost that Old Heave-Ho!!

Quick Look: A Way Out

2018-03-22 52:59 Quick Looks

We work together to attempt an escape from an extremely stinky prison.

Quick Look: Octahedron

2018-03-22 20:39 Quick Looks

Do you wanna pick flowers and smash lightbulbs while on LSD? Well then look no further than Octahedron, my friend.

Midweek Multiplayer Madness: Burnout Paradise Remastered

2018-03-21 45:39 Features

Hop in the car and let us take you down to the Paradise City! I've heard the foliage is vibrant and that there are attractive people!

Vinny's FMV Snow Day

2018-03-21 13:03 Features

It will never stop snowing so I will play my favorite genre of game. The bad FMV genre.

Giant Bombcast 524: Rez 2

2018-03-20 20:49 Giant Bombcast

Mark MacDonald and John Ricciardi swoop in to chat about the state of Japanese games (besides Rez 2, which does not exist), Sea of Thieves, the Fortnite craze, Ubisoft's newfound freedom, and world-traveling World Warriors.

Stream of Thieves

2018-03-19 43:47 Features

You may know Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Long John Silver, but get ready to meet a new crew prepared to sail the open seas in the search for booty.