Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

The Marvel and Capcom worlds unite to defend against the might of Ultron Sigma in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.


Originally revealed at the PlayStation Experience in 2016, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (MvCI) is the up-and-coming entry in Capcom's esteemed Versus fighting series. The game marks a return to the 2v2 format of its earlier predecessors, and is slated for a 2017 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It is being developed using Unreal Engine 4.


Two teams face off
Two teams face off

MvCI's gameplay is a 2-on-2 tag-team battle that takes place on a 2D plane. Players utilize an arsenal attacks and special powers, boosted by one of the six Infinity Stones in an effort to KO the opponent's team in a best-of-3 rounds format.

The series to evolve its 4+2 button control scheme, with four buttons dedicated to punches and kicks and two specialized buttons, namely Tag and Infinity Stone replaces the assist buttons from the more recent entries.


While the return to 2-character teams may seem like a step-back from the 3-versus-3 gameplay of more recent entries in the versus series, MvCI is introducing a slew of new mechanics to add depth and variety to the seemingly pared-down format.

Tag System

Arthur tags in Doctor Strange
Arthur tags in Doctor Strange

Taking cues from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken, players of MvCI will have the option to tag characters in a wide variety of situations. Not only can a character in MvCI be tagged in a neutral situation, teams with be able to tag cancel their special moves and even super moves in order to create offensive pressure, extend combo, and maximize damage.

Additionally, players have access to the Counter Switch mechanic where, for the cost of two meters, they can tag a character while their other character is being hit, in an attempt to disrupt the opponent's combo or even capitalize on an opening to start a combo of their own.

Infinity Stones

MvCI's developers have compared the game's Infinity Stones to the Grooves from Capcom VS SNK 2. The six Infinity Stones are the Power, Mind, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time Stones, however only the abilities of the Power, Reality, Time, and Space Stones have been revealed so far.

Hulk activates the Power Stone
Hulk activates the Power Stone

By selecting a Stone in addition to their two characters, players will have access to powerful effects granted by activating the Stone. Each stone has a basic effect that can be activated at any time, and the ability to temporarily enter a powered-up state known as an Infinity Storm.

Infinity storms are powered by Infinity Meter, which is gained by using a stone's basic power as well as by taking damage. Once the meter is at least half-full, a character can activate their Infinity Storm which persists for a duration based on the amount of Infinity Meter accumulated. Similar to the X-Factor mechanic from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Infinity Storm activation can be used offensively to cancel the recover animation of an attack, or defensively to cancel out of a blocking animation.

Mind Stone

  • At any time, players can active the Mind Stone to perform a special throw on the opponent that leaves them open to a full combo
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state their their Hyper Meter continuously refills

Power Stone

  • At any time, players can activate the Power Stone to perform an attack with wallbounce properties
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state where all of their attacks do increased damage and extended hitstun, and many attacks also gain new wallbounce and groundbounce properties

Reality Stone

  • At any time, players can activate the Reality Stone to conjure a slow-moving orb of energy that tracks the opponent
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players gain control of the elements, summoning fire, ice, lightning and wind from off-screen to attack their opponent

Soul Stone

  • At any time, players can activate the Soul Stone to perform a long-range, life-stealing attack
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can revive a fallen character and fight with both of their characters active on screen at the same time.

Space Stone

  • At any time, players can activate the Space Stone to trigger a gravity effect that draws their opponent closer
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can trap their opponent in a dimensional prism, effectively restricting the opponent's movement to an area about 1/4 the size of the screen

Time Stone

  • At any time, players can activate the Time Stone to perform a teleporting dash maneuver that passes through opponents and projectiles
  • By activating their Infinity Storm, players can enter a special state where they have unlimited access to the stone's special teleport dash, and relaxed limitations on their chain combo capabilities

Increased Accessibility

Iron Man performs a Hyper Combo
Iron Man performs a Hyper Combo

In an effort to make MvCI a less intimidating prospect to newcomers, Capcom is introducing a few new optional features to the series in order to make the game more accessible. One such feature is the addition of two-button Hyper Combos. Each character will be able to access one of their level 1 Hyper Combos simply by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick at the same time.

MvCI will also include auto-combos. By repeatedly pressing the Light Punch button, a character will automatically cycle through the attacks in the magic series, a combination of escalating attacks that serve as a universal combo all characters have access to. This will allow beginners to jump into the game and do some damage, and have their characters look good while doing it.

Capcom is also experimenting with simplified inputs for special moves. The game has largely done away with half-circle motions and charge motions, instead assigning quarter-circle inputs to most special moves. Dragon-punch inputs have also been replaced with a simpler input of Down Down for many characters.

Gameplay Modes

Offline Modes

Ultron Sigma
Ultron Sigma

Story - Players take control of a wide variety of characters as they they set out to defeat the entity known as Ultron Sigma, a fusion of Marvel's Ultron and Capcom's Sigma, and foil its plot to take over the universe.

Arcade - Players pick their challengers and face a series of opponents before confronting a powerful final boss.

Mission - Players can learn how to play the game through a series of tutorials, or try their hands at character-specific challenges.

VS. Player / CPU - A player can fight another player locally or against an AI-controlled opponent.

Dr. Light Database - A place to view unlocked cutscenes, concept art, and character/stage information, and listen to audio tracks.

Online Modes

Ranked Match - Players can fight others online to increase their rank.

Casual Match - Players can fight others online without impacting their standings.

Beginners League - A special league specifically for players Rank 14 or lower.

Lobby - Lobbies where up-to 8 players can participate in simultaneous matches.

Rankings - A place to view the rankings of players around the world.

Replay Settings - A place to change replay options and view replays.


This is a list of the characters that have been announced so far, and is in no way final.